About Us

We believe music speaks more than words ever can. Every feeling, every emotion can be expressed stronger in music. Music can lift you up, change your mood, bring you back in time to memories you have long forgotten, or even create new memories. We have a great passion for music. And we are dedicated to creating original tracks that you can use in your next project to express yourself.

We are a small team led by Pascal Tatipata, who founded DL Sounds in 2009. Our studio is in Haarlem, the Netherlands, where we find inspiration everyday to create the sounds.

By using studio equipment we put together the right mix of sounds, beats and vocals to create new tunes. And we translate our inspiration into new tracks, loops or samples. The sounds on our site are all original, created by us, and not available on any other site. No stock music collection, only fresh new tunes.

We want our music to fuel your creative expressions. When you subscribe to our site, you can use anything in the collection, in unlimited ways, because creativity knows no bounds. Whether you are an artist, film producer, photographer, game developer, multimedia designer, music lover or hobbyist, we have created DL Sounds for you.