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Amazing Site with awesome free stock photos

Trying to find photos on the internet is pretty easy. But trying to find one that is copyright or royalty free is pretty hard. There are stock images website you can use, but most of the images on them aren’t free and requires you to pay up. There are also free image hosting sites, but most of the images on it are copyrighted, or lacking license information. You run the risk of being served a takedown notice if you use photos from those sites. So you might be wondering, is there a website that only gathers public domain images and is easy to search at the same time? Thankfully, there is.

Royalty and Copyright free

Pixabay is a website that hosts public domain photos. All pixabay images are royalty and copyright free, every image on the website is on a CC0 Public Domain license. The website is easy to use and trying to get an image from it is pretty straightforward. Every image on the website is properly tagged, allowing you to find them easily. You just use the search bar at the top of the page and search for a relevant image you want to use via its tags. After picking an image, you then pick the size you want to download. It’s that easy.

Pixabay also allows you upload your own photos. Registering on the website is free, and allows you to upload your own photos. All photos uploaded must be licensed under the public domain, or they will be removed otherwise. Also, please note that the submission process is not automatic, there is a panel of judges that reviews the image you upload for quality, and will reject it if it fails to meet the criteria. By registering, you will get a profile that showcase your photos, and people can even donate to you via paypal.

No watermarks, no attribution required

Everything on Pixabay is completely free, there are no watermarks and you can use the images for commercial purposes without paying a fee. The website supports itself by being sponsored by Shutterstock. Every time you search, relevant Shutterstock stock images appear in the search results. Relevant Shutterstock photos also appear on the bottom right side of the sidebar for the image you view.

All in all, Pixabay is the perfect website to use if you are looking for royalty or copyright free photos to use. If you are a photographer, registering and contributing on the website is a good way to improve your skills, the community is friendly and the admin is pretty active on the forums. So come check out Pixabay.


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