royalty free

What does royalty-free mean?

December 7, 2017|

We get daily questions about the term royalty-free on our YouTube channel, like: “How is this royalty free if you are asking people to buy a license?” “wait but when you click the link its not free.. ? im so confused :(((” “Free?? it’s not even free!!” So, let’s have a look at what royalty-free music really means: Whether you’re a musician, artist, blogger or business owner, you’ve probably come across the term “royalty free” before. If you’re like most people, you probably assumed that the material was free to use. Confusing as the term may be, royalty free does not mean that the material is free. What Does Royalty Free Mean? First thing’s first, let’s talk about what royalties are. A royalty is a way to earn income from copyrighted work. This may be an image, music or any other type of intellectual property. Recording artists, for example, earn royalties…    read more 

Copyright free VS Royalty free

October 31, 2017|

Some people often use the terms “Copyright Free” and “Royalty Free” interchangeably. However, the terms don’t have identical terms because they cover two separate concepts. The average person won’t ever experience the differences between these terms. Those that utilize works of art or music for their projects can run into these two concepts, though. Either way, an individual should know these differences in order to protect themselves from the consequences associated with copyright- and royalty-free. What is a copyright? First and foremost, a person needs to understand what a copyright is today. Each country handles copyrights differently, but a general definition does cover most laws. Copyrights provide individuals with intellectual property rights over the things they’ve created. Typically, this applies to artistic works, products, and more. Such intellectual property rights give a person an exclusive window of time to utilize their creation for monetary gain. Nobody can copy their exact…    read more