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YouTube Copyright issuesStill A Flawed System!
No submission on YouTube is safe from being the subject of a false claim or mis-identification.

We sometimes use samples in our audio files which are also used by other composers and producers.
Many composers and producers register their video or music files with the fully automated YouTube’s Content ID system, and everyone else using the same samples in their audio or visual project are getting flagged.
The claimer is then asked to simply confirm their claim on the video. If they do so, they can proceed to have the content blocked or monetize it without any further recourse for the user.


If you use our audio files you should Dispute the claim:

1. Dispute
2. Choose “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material.”
3. In textbox, write “The audio files are licensed and approved by”

TIP! YouTube Creator Studio has a feature that allows creators to check their videos for copyright issues BEFORE the video is published. Check out this article for more tips: How to check if a video is copyrighted?

Q: I just subscribed to your website but I’m unable to download any files, what is going on?
A: This is related to cache (memory) problems in certain circumstances. Please try to log in and refresh the browser (F5) on the product page. Check if you’re logged-in in the top right corner.

Q: Where is your free music?
A: Unfortunally we had to remove all free tracks from this site because of NFT theft and copyright issues. We’re now adding free royalty-free music to our pay per track website @

Q: What does the blue and silver star icon/tag on mean?
A: Blue star means in-house production, exclusive to our website. Silver star means non-exclusive audio. These tracks are bought, or our tracks sold, and are available anywhere on the internet.

Q: I want to credit the composer of a certain audio file on your website. Where can I find the name of the composer?
A: Attribution is not required but if you do wish to give credit to the composer  you can use “Pascal Tatipata” for all blue star tagged audio. That is 95% of the library and for the silver star tagged audio you can attribute “”.

Q: Why shoud I subscribe to DL Sounds?
A: Well, a subscriber enjoys more advantages, such as unlimited access to many music tracks, loops and sound effects. Weekly fresh new audio files, bonuses and email support.

Q: I just need one audio. Do you have a pay per track/loop option?
A: Yes, all the blue star tagged audio on this site are available as pay per track audio on our website

Q: Can I create looping videos for YouTube?
A: Only if our audio is part of a complete production (with added audio, i.e. voiceover,  or visuals). It is not allowed to use our audio as stand-alone end-product for meditation, ASMR videos etc.

Q: Do I own the music I download?
A: No, the music remains the property of the DL Sounds and the composers. What you do own is a “license” to use the music for your purposes in accordance with the license agreement.

Q: Can I produce new commercial musical works based on your audio files (derivative work) and release them?
A: NO!

Q: Do all your files sound exactly like the preview?
A: The preview files are low mp3 quality, but the purchased files are high quality mp3 or Wav. Some previews are watermarked with a voiceover to prevent unauthorised use.

Q: What file format are the files?
A: The samples and loops files are Wav and vary from 16 to 24 bit, and from 32 to 44.1 kHz. The tracks are Mp3 and vary from 192kbs (CD quality) to 320kbs 44.1khz.

Q: What methods of payments do you accept for your paid audio files and subscription plans?
A: Paypal & Stripe. All Major credit cards through Paypal & Stripe (no account needed).

Q: How to cancel my subscription ?
A: Paypal: Our software is unable to automatically cancel any PayPal subscriptions for you. Please see this article how to unsubscribe via Paypal: As a Customer.

Stripe: In your Account go to the Subscription Tab. Click on the Cancel button under “Action” and check if status is set to “Canceled”.

If you get an error message please email [email protected] for cancellation.

Q: Do you run an Affiliate Program?
A: Yes we do, but new registrations are temporary disabled.

Q: I need a invoice/receipt, can I download it from your site? 
A: Yes, just go to “My Account”> Profile and fill in the fields with company name, vat number, address etc. Next go to the Orders tab and download the PDF file at the section “Invoice”.

Q: I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, do you have other suggestions?
A: Sure, check out with music and audio tracks from $1. Or our own big list with other royalty free music websites here.

Q: I love your promo banners and website art, where can I get these graphics?
A: Thanks, we create our own graphics and offer many for free on our website: Check it out!

Q: Do you issue refunds?
A: The content and service is provided on an “as is” basis. All files come with a preview, therefore you are encouraged to listen to them before you buy or subscribe to our service. Under these terms of sale we cannot issue refunds. For subscription plans, no refunds will be paid on any remaining subscription period.

We cannot refund songs that have been purchased by the customer in error. However should the purchased track be damaged during download we will issue a full refund within 7 days of purchase. see Terms for more information!

Q: I want my registration/membership completely removed from you website?
A: If you want to remove your registration from our website you first have to cancel any active subscriptions. Next a delete option will appear in the My Account section..

Q: Exclusive buy out music License?
A: When you buy a exclusive license it will not be available for others to purchase. The track, sound, sample or loop has never been sold before. It is a lifetime license.