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Carol of the Bells

Children/Christmas music with harp and background strings. NOTE! Not suitable for YouTube videos!








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5 thoughts on “Carol of the Bells”

  1. Hi Leon,

    Thank you for your understanding on this matter.
    We had a good Christmas. I hope you and your family too.

    We have made the decision to disabled all their tracks, except for this one.

    We will produce our own, improved, simular versions of these Public domain songs and replace the disabled ones. Of course this will take time, but this way we can control all copyright issues in YouTube ourselves.

    Meanwhile they released one claim for our own YT channel. We requested to whitelist the tracks but no luck. We will continue this adventure in 2021.

    For now, I wish you all the best in 2021!

  2. Hello Pascal,
    Thanks for the feedback. Hope you had a good Xmas. Best wishes to you and your family for the new year. The reason I provided to the copyright claimant is that I have permission and authorization from DL-Sounds.com to use the two audio tracks. I also provided them with the Download URL of both tracks from your website. I used to know how to acquire a written license permission info/letter from your website.

    But I can’t remember how to do that anymore. It’s been a while. Not sure that would have made a difference to them. Still what I provided them should have sufficed as I’m sure they do remember having a resell agreement with you all (dl-sounds.com). Please let me know when and if you make any progress with the claimants. I’m not holding my breath on this one.

    I’m thinking of re-doing this Xmas video and replacing the two audio tracks with the same songs from a different source. I will not allow them to collect money from ads that still run on my video (my work, effort, creativity, money, and time). Some of the elements like sound effects (Christmas-took-kit sound effects track) are from your library which they do not have ownership of. This video also includes other audio tracks (they do not own those either). That is just a galling thought. Enough of my venting already. I know that this situation is neither your fault nor mine.

    I would have to agree with your new approach from 2009 of composing all the tracks in your library yourself. I’m starting to learn (the hard way) that this copyright claim game leaves us YT content providers with very little recourse in disputing a claim even though we may have a legal and legitimate licensed permission to use an audio track. Looks to me that some of those folks may try to take advantage, abuse and not honor an original agreement they had with a third party (like you). I think they know that YT has a major flaw.

    This major flaw in their system and they leave us (YT content providers) who feed and make their platform profitable with virtually no protection. We work hard, spend money, take all the risks and they collect the profits regardless of who is abused, taken advantage of. I will make my displeasure known to them. They need to at the very least put some onus and responsibility on the Copyright Claimants as well. Right now it’s a crap shoot for us YT providers.

    Best Regards,

    Relaxation Zwave

  3. Dear Leon,

    Yes, we are really sorry for the trouble. This one is still under review.

    But although we solve 99% of all copyright claim cases we have to deal with every week, this is a tricky one to solve.
    We bought these tracks long time ago with a resell license. Unfortunally, sometimes composers or production companies suddenly, in this case even after years, decide to monitize their product in Youtube.
    There is not much we can do against this practice because there is no contract or anything, only the resell license.

    This is also the reason we stopped accepting audio from other composers and companies back in 2009. Since then we compose the audio and own all copyrights ourselves.



    What reason did you write in your dispute?

  4. Hello Dear Sir,
    Thank you for bringing this up. I was about to contact you all in regards to the YouTube Copyright Claims on my latest YouTube Video for two audio tracks which it includes that are from your audio library of available tracks.

    Carol Of The Bells : https://www.dl-sounds.com/royalty-free/carol-of-the-bells/
    Joy of the World : https://www.dl-sounds.com/royalty-free/joy-the-world-harp/

    The Claimant “The State51 Conspiracy” on behalf of “The Merry Christmas Players” just rejected my disputes on their copyright claims and now my YT video “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hloe33QSoU” is supposedly not monitized, but the ADs are still coming on and are playing when I check. Regardless this video is now hobbled.

    I do not know what to do at this point. Do I delete this video from YT? I thought that my showing them that I have “license and authorization from DL-Sounds.com” to use those two tracks should suffice. Clearly they thought differently about that.

    And so, I’m glad you are looking into this issue, but needless to stay that this is not a pleasant or acceptable situation. I will leave it in your capable hands to deal with. I will not use these tracks for any other projects until I hear from you. Please kindly advise and notify on further updates on this issue. Hopefully sooner, rather than later. I look forward to hearing from you all soon as possible.

    Kind Regards,

    Leon Poyau
    Relaxation Zwave YT channel

  5. We got notified of copyright strikes in YouTube since December 21, 2020. We are looking into this issue. You can still use it for any project except for YouTube of course. Sorry for the trouble caused