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Orbit Beat 130

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Atmospheric space beats sci fi effects music loop








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6 thoughts on “Orbit Beat 130”

  1. Hi, I am currently developing a MMOPRG(Game) and in my opinion this would be perfect for a active cave system theme and I was wondering if I were to add this to my game(which id like to), can I use it in a commercial Android/PC game if I credit the song to its rightful owner. In my credits I place the name of the creditor & a web link to the creditors web page.

    1. Hi, sure you can use it in commercial projects. As for the credits, attribution is not required but of course you may credit this website DL Sounds, or the composer Pascal Tatipata.

      Thanks and good luck with your project!

  2. Hi, I am doing an assignment for class purposes on an interactive platform where its going to be a webpage containing an interactive piece (Like a game) and really like this type of audio that you made, and wondering if its ok for me to use just 10 seconds of it for the introduction of my interactive piece for a web browser? I am using Adobe Animate for it. Also in class we are learning about copyright and so I am happy to put your name on the interactive platform of web browser as the Author of the Audio piece if you prefer as well, because I hate the idea of people stealing things from me myself. That’s why I am happy to put your name on the music if you wish.

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