Royalty Free Music since 2009

We took over this list with websites offering payment-based legal royalty free music for multimedia productions, public places, presentations, games,  Youtube etc. from royaltyfreelinks.com. We updated the list, added new ones and removed dead links.

The list is regularly checked and updated.

What are the best sites to buy royalty free music?

The first thing we recommend is to check the license information. Be sure the license covers all your needs, because the’re are different ways of selling and licensing music. So, don’t get any surprises.  That’s why we’ve included a direct link to the license pages. Website without license information are not listed.

No free or Creative Commons websites in this list.

Why pay for royalty free music? well, giving credits (attribution) is optional. No overused music and you’ll support composers (and their families) for their hard work and feed them with inspiration and energy to compose even more.

All the websites listed here are checked for quality and user experience. To get listed the site must be at least 2 years old and have a mininal of 1000 royalty free audio available. Feel free to suggest more websites in the comments.

About the list. Random, but older website more to the top. Exclusive library means In-house composers or content exclusive to the website only. Since: first online active music library.

DL SoundsUnique library offering tracks, loops, kits and sound effects. Free audio without attribution available. 2009Subscription p/m & Free without attribution$14LicenseYes
AudioJungleStill one of our favorite. Offering more than 150.000 tracks, loops and music packs with good quality content.2006Per Track$20LicenseNo
The Music BakeryMusic library with tracks for your Videos, Slideshows, Games, Apps & more. High quality music by professional ensembles and studio musicians with real instruments.1998Per Track$47LicenseYes
Partners In RhymeNon-exclusive stock music library offers CD collections in many genres.1998per CD compilation$100 LicenseNo
AKM MusicFeatures royalty free tracks and CDs in every genre. Cheap and good quality.2000Per Track$16.15License (.doc download)Yes
Freeplay MusicStock library with 15,000 music tracks for Youtube and more. Non-exclusive music submitted by composers in all genres.2001PerTrack$100LicenseNo
Shockwave-soundBig library with CD collections, production music, stock music and sound effects. Non exclusive, but high quality tracks. 2001Per Track$32LicenseNo
PremiumbeatPremiumbeat by Shutterstock.com for websites, online videos, slide shows and much more. Big library with high Exclusive quality content.2004Per Track$39.95LicenseYes
Nash Music LibraryMusic library made-in-Japan offers 20.000 royalty-free music and SFX for all media production.2005Per Track. Price varies according to the duration of each track.$20LicenseYes
Royalt Free Tunes
Small Stock library offering royalty free albums and tracks. Cheap and good quality.2006Per Track$10LicenseYes
Themusicase.comStock music libray with more than 50,000 non exclusive tracks. Good design and easy navigating. Good quality tracks.2005Per Track$29LicenseNo
Neo SoundsMusic stock library offering royalty free tracks, music CDs and ahard drive with the entire library. Flexible licensing and good quality tracks2004Per Track$29.95LicenseNo
BeatsuiteExclusive royalty free music library offers thousands of high quality music tracks. Good clear website design.2004Per Track$80PopupNo
JamendoRoyalty free music licenses for commercial purposes. More than 55,000 albums by independent artists.2005Per Track$69LicenseNo
Pond5Music section of Pond5. Another huge stock library providing royalty free music, loops, audio logos and more. Easy browsing and navigating. Music in every genre. Non exclusive but massive content.2006Per Track$20LicenseNo
Proud Music LibraryRoyalty Free Music Production Music Archive for Film, Multimedia, Radio, TV, instant online music licensing2006Per Track$53.50LicenseNo
SoundimageBig music library with original tracks perfect for film, games, multimedia and advertising. Quality royalty free music available for instant licensing at affordable prices.2007Per Track$48LicenseNo
Stock music library providing non-exclusive tracks for any multimedia prodoction.2003Per Track$100LicenseNo
Music LoopsAnother stock library with 20.000 non-exclusive royalty free music. Simple design with easy browsing and previews. Tracks are submitted by composers.2006Per Track$35LicenseNo
Soundtaxi.netExclusive stock Production Music library. Great complex design. Not all music is royalty free. Big music library.2008Per Track$162.50LicenseNo
SmartsoundBig customizable music library with high quality non-exclusive music track. Great website design and easy navigating.2009Per Track$49.95LicenseNo
AudiomicroHuge library with 65.000 non-exclusive stock music and sound effects. All genres and comprehensive tracks descriptions. Good quality non-exclusive music.2007Per Track$39.95LicenseNo
Stock Music SiteNon-exclusive stock music library offers over 283,000 free music tracks for immediate on-demand licensing. Music submitted by award-winning artists.2007Per Track$180LicenseNo
Music Media TracksMedium music library for videos, websites, on-hold messages. Instant license and all styles of music for any kind of project.2010Per Track$40LicenseNo
Epidemic SoundRoyalty free music made by world-class musicians and studio professionals who live and breathe music.2013Subscription p/m$50LicenseNo
LuckStockStock website featuring more than 19,500 music tracks and audio. Non excusive but quality sounds.2011Per Track$25LicenseNo
Music RevolutionStock music website featuring thousands of music tracks and audio. Non-excusive good quality music.2011Per Track or Per Month $249$49.99LicenseNo
Royalty Free Heaven(grooveden) Big stock music library offering quality music with multiple genres. Clean fast design.2013Per Track$69.98LicenseNo
Audio NetworkProduction music library with more than 69,000 high quality music tracks for TV, film, advertising and corporate video. 2011Per Track$80LicenseNo
StoryblocksDownload all the music, sound effects, and loops you need with a low-cost subscription2014Subscription p/m. Billed Annualy$13LicenseNo
FilmstroDownload production tracks from their royalty free music library. Use in film, TV and online including YouTube2014Subscription p/m$20.75LicenseNo
SoundstripeNon-exclusive stock music and SFX library for creators.2016Subscription p/m$21LicenseNo
Stock Music StorePay as you go & unlimited subscription downloads for premium royalty-free stock music2016Subscription p/m$40LicenseNo
TakeOnesDownload royalty free music;2017Subscription p/m$39LicenseNo
Aimed at filmmakers, Artlis is a community of artists who put heart and soul into their music and Sound effects.2016Subscription p/m. Billed annualy$16.60LicenseNo
Motion ArrayClaims to have more than 360000 Non-exclusive stock music downloads available2018Subscription p/m. Must remain a paying member to keep using the audio.$29LicenseNo
RoyaltyFreeMusic Audio ArrayRoyalty free music library curated by industry experts showcasing trending soundtracks from a community of musicians2018Per Track$25LicenseNo
Former loopsound.com. Stock music & loop library for on-line video, film and TV. Download royalty free music loops for games, software and apps.2019Per Track£39LicenseNo

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